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Get Fundraising Fit in Lockdown

Today I had the joy of chatting to Katie Beardsworth of Polyphony Arts ( about how we can use our time in lockdown to ready ourselves for fundraising success post-pandemic.

Click here to watch the full interview:

Our advice is to focus on:

1. Creating new copy and fundraising products to launch post-pandemic - if you are like me, you will often have ideas that never get implemented because you are too busy stuck on the hamster wheel of life. One of the few good things to come from the current situation is that we have a little bit of headspace and time to work on new things. Use that time to write your case for support, create a pitch deck, design that innovative event, or create a donor journey for your organisation.

2. Build relationships - spend time getting to know you supporters, funders, corporate connections or people that receive your communications. Right now, we are all a little more available, a little more human, and have a lot more in common as we navigate the pandemic together.

3. Develop yourself - as John Maxwell says, "you cannot give what you have not got". Use this time to develop your skills and knowledge. Some of our suggestions include:

a. Read some fundraising text books - the classics can be found at SOFII

b. Try the University of Kents MA in Philanthropy sample course

c. Contact us about our training and mentoring sessions that we can deliver over video conferencing at

But most importantly, be kind to yourself. Like your physical fitness this is not about feeling the pressure to do everything perfectly. Life is not like that. Working at home with children is not like that! But remember anything you are able to do makes you a little fitter for when we emerge out of this. Our sector will need our ability to fundraise more than ever before. We have a battle ahead, and where possible we can use this time to train for what is to come.



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