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Fundraising From The Major Donor's Perspective

Ever wondered how major donors view your fundraising efforts? Dive into this fascinating perspective with our special guest, Christian Philanthropist and IM Group Managing Director, Andrew Edmiston.

In this revealing episode, Andrew pulls back the curtain on the major donor's world. He candidly discusses:

💡 The power of a compelling idea in attracting major donor support.

❤️ Why seeking donors who resonate with your cause is more fruitful than chasing funds.

🤝The significance of building deep, meaningful relationships with potential donors.

Surprising Insights Revealed:

💸 It's not just about the money; it's about shared passion and vision.

📨 Major donations stem from deep connections, not random requests.

🤷‍♀️ Remember, a 'no' from a donor isn't personal - it's about alignment of visions. And your idea's worth isn't measured by a single donation.

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