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COVID-19 Fundraiser's Digest - Issue 1

It is only Wednesday, and every day this week we have had significant announcements from the Government that have drastically impacted our entire society.

Each day, the sector has responded with a vast array of information to help us manage our ever-changing reality.

To help, we are going to release regular summaries on the vital information you need to know, starting with:

The impact COVID-19 will have on our current grant funding

It has become apparent that many activities are not possible to continue delivering. At the same time funding urgently needs to be moved to new programme areas or to cover core costs at this uncertain time.

The good news is that many of the major funders have been quick to assure the sector they will be flexible with our current grants.

Significantly many (and I mean many!) signed the joint statement from London Funders in how they intend to respond -

In addition to this, we have statements from:

The Clothworkers’ Foundation -

The consensus is:

1. Funders are open to being flexible with how grants can be spent in terms of the activities we deliver, dates of delivery, and what we spend the funds on (e.g. moving programme costs to core costs)

2. Funders will relax reporting deadlines in recognition that we might have disruptions to our workload.

A couple of points that we would add to this are:

Ensure you are communicating with your funders. As long as the lines of communication are open between you and them, they are likely to be willing to help.

Be sure to communicate what you are doing at this time. Let funders know how you are playing your part in responding to the pandemic.

Be aware that many of the funders are now home working and therefore, the best way to contact them is via email.

Funders will be firefighting a surge in questions and enquiries. Keep your communications succinct and clear in terms of the information you need from them.

Try where possible to find the information you need online. Many of the larger funders have been broadcasting updates on social media and the news sections of their website. To help reduce their traffic, only contact them with questions specific to your situation that are not covered in their information releases or to give them updates on your situation.

Be patient and compassionate. Funders like you are trying to adapt to an ever-changing situation rapidly.

We hope this helps. Please contact either myself (07595 607 391) or Mark (07817 281 548) if you want to talk to someone about your specific needs.

Tomorrow we will share where you can begin to look for emergency funding.



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