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Grant Fundraising 101

Chell Perkins' new venture, My Fundraising College, will launch its first online training module 'Grant Fundraising 101' in early 2024. Chell Perkins has been delivering training to our partner charities for years, but My Fundraising College will enable us to offer our expertise more widely, to individuals and organisations worldwide.

Find the right funders

The module begins with an introduction to philanthropy and grant makers. Participants will learn about the different types of funders and grants available, how funders operate and how best to tailor your fundraising approach to each source. You will become fluent in identifying the specific funding sources most relevant to your project, and in prioritising your applications for the greatest chances of success.

Create a strong case for support

Once you've selected the funders you want to apply to, you will learn how to put together a powerful application. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to make grant makers feel just as passionately about your cause as you do.

Grow your relationships

Lastly, you will discover how to build a strong relationship with your funders, and how to ensure that they remain supportive of your organisation in the longer term.

That’s it!

Grant Fundraising 101 is an all-in-one solution, whether you have already begun applying to trusts and foundations for your organisation, or whether you are just starting out in fundraising. Look out for news on the launch date on our social media pages.



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